15 photos that will inspire you to go to Cozumel

Clear aquamarine water, rocky cliffs, cozy streets, incredibly beautiful underwater world and one of the friendliest people on the planet. This is the glory of Cozumel.  This small island meets every traveler with a new portion of beauty and unforgettable memories.

Once you arrive on the island, you notice a chaotic line of colorful houses, fishing boats and ships. It seems that there are more tourists than locals here. But despite of the “tourism character”, there is an incredible amount of interesting places, starting from abandoned reefs with the world-class snorkeling and scuba diving and ending up with local restaurants and cafes serving the freshest seafood.

Cozumel photo

Artists: Tristan Eaton & London Police

One of the main attractions of Cozumel is a bright range of gorgeous murals you can see all over the island.  Last year Cozumel hosted the international graffiti festival Sea Walls. Surrounded by the beautiful nature, 30 artists from all over the world were making miracles, creating picturesque murals.

Cozumel photo

One of the main streets

The landscapes of Cozumel are really a great platform to make true even the most unimaginable artists’ projects.

Graffiti Mexico

Artist: Jack Fox

One of the murals you can see near the city centre is the work of a Canadian graffiti artist, Jason Botkin. The image of Jacques Cousteau, the famous French explorer and scientist, is priceless.

graffiti Mexico

The mural of Jacques Cousteau. Cousteau was coming to Cozumel to study the sea and his documentary about the underwater world near Cozumel made the island a new Mecca for divers.

While walking, we were passing charming little streets and even tried to disturb the sleepy beauty of a cozy patio.

Cozumel photo

Streets of Cozumel

The main distinguishing feature of the festival is to attract attention to the protection of the underwater world. Every mural teems with nature: giant tortoises, whales, the images of the famous marine scientists. And every work has its own social message.

Mexico graffiti

Artist: Kaiili Kaulukukui

We couldn’t pass the huge graffiti of Phlegm. The large-scale, line-heavy work is impressive and despite the black-and-white colors perfectly fits the urban landscape.

Cozumel graffiti

Artist: Phlegm

The other picturesque graffitis are located on the south part of the city. You can reach them from the pier, where all the ferries arrive.

Cozumel best places photo

Artist: Cryptic

In one place there are the works of three great artists: Cryptic, Fintan Magee and Alexis Diaz.

best graffiti

Artist: Fintan Magee

The graffitis have different style but look great together.

Graffiti Mexico

Artist: Alexis Diaz

Cheering up by the sound of the waves, we strolled down the streets.

Cozumel photo

The fishing boats

The island has a surprising number of restaurants and cafes where you can try fresh lobster, enjoy a light shrimp salad with a mild cream sauce or a salmon fillet on a bed of arugula leaves.

restaurant Mexico

Seafood restaurant in Cozumel

If you want to know Mexican cuisine better, go to one of the local restaurants. The most delicious dishes are served here.

old Volkswagen

There are still a lot of old Volkswagen cars on the streets

We had a little bit time and went to the pier.

Cozumel photo

Pier. Cozumel

Picturesque beaches with golden sand are situated on the east part of the island.  If you want to go here, you need to walk under a 30-degree heat of the Caribbean sun. But here you can find amazing places. Like people say: the beauty has to be earned.

Cozumel photo

See you soon!

How to get to Cozumel from Cancun:

  • by bus from ADO station to Playa del Carmen (  it takes around 40 min and one way ride costs near 60MXP);
  • by collectivo (a shared minivan) from the stop on the front of ADO station to Playa del Carmen (one way ride costs 34MXP).

From Playa del Carmen there are ferries leaving the town every 30 min. The price depends on the company – the average cost of a round way trip near 270MXP.

The map of Cozumel with the works of artists during the Sea Walls Festival:

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