Discover Riviera Maya: Unknown Tulum

Tulum is amazing. A paradise hidden on the south of Riviera Maya, “flavored” with cozy cafes and restaurants, picturesque street art and gorgeous white sand beaches. It has only one huge problem. There are so many things to do and to see around.  Don’t worry – we will experience the city together starting from the best beaches to crazy adventures and delicious gastronomical traditions.

Tulum, street art

The literary meaning of Tulum from Mayan language – fence, wall. The archaeological site was surrounded by the huge wall defended the city against invasions. Tulum appeared to have been an important site for the worship of the Diving god serving as a major port for Cobá.  And it’s still an important place but now for the tourism.

Tulum , street foodThe whole area is covered with thousands of cenotes, miles of jungles and never ending white sand beaches. Water is always warm here. Swimming is like taking a bath. Steady 30 degrees. It is never cold outside. I know it might sound like any of the other beach getaways. But there are a few things that make Tulum very special: the history, nature, increadible relaxing atmosphere, stylish world class shops and restaurants and unique places.

To know more the city we will stroll down the streets of downtown.   Here you can discover lots of interesting hidden places. Visit one of the locals cafes, order freshly squeezed juices, tropical shakes or juice cocktails and enjoy it.

Tulum, cafe

These cozy cafes are the must have experience while you are in Tulum. Don’t see that they are small and operated only by a few people – the service, atmosphere and the quality of food here is the best.

Tulum, street artFor a truly authentic experience – go for a local favourite, agua de sabor. A typical refreshing drink made from the extracts of fruits, flowers, or seeds mixed with water and sugar. Traditionally served in big plastic cans it’s a must-try.

Tulum, street artAfter a small break we will keep walking around Tulum. Despite that it’s a famous touristic place the people live their life.

Tulum, local lifeGoing more in the city we will discover street art. Street art in Mexico has a power to spark discussion about a particular issue on the streets. Through the works of Spaik, Zed,  Senkoe, Emma Rubens, Tellaeche, Liz Rashell and with the help of the local projects like Residencia Gorila and Atelier Ink2lu’um Gallery  turned into an artistic destination. Art lovers won’t want to miss this up-and-coming neighborhood.

Tulum, Emma Rubens

Besides the art you will see much more interesting things on the way like narrow alleys, historic homes and the stamps on each brick that tell where they’re from. Indeed, sometimes the best way to embrace a city is to take it slow.

Tulum, beachAnd now are you ready?  We will go to the beach! One more must try in Tulum are the gorgeous beaches with beautiful bungalows. Just imagine: turquoise water, countless coconut palms, green forest jungle, and natural labyrinth of canals, vegan places and different luxury treatments. Spoil yourself with a divine massage, or one of many other SPA treatments.  It’s a truly an ultimately relaxing experience.

And then run away from touristic beaches to natural parks and cenotes – underwater caves with fresh water. You will see amazing views of the forest, unusual animals. And it’s awesome.

Tulum, street art

Jump on refreshing water, try snorkeling or diving. It’s insanely crazy. And is one of the most interesting things to do near Tulum.  And definitely an unforgettable one.

Tulum has so many things to offer for any kind of traveler or a local.  All you need is to choose what you want – white sand beaches and romantic dinners right on the beach in the light of wooden torches, luxury spa treatments and stylish restaurants and boutiques,  parties and the laid back atmosphere of the charming and artistic downtown or countless nature or historical sites… And then go for it


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