7 reasons to visit Georgia

In the list of my favorite countries, for sure, it will be Georgia. You might want to ask me what is so special in Georgia. –  People, hospitable and warm-hearted, one of the best cuisines in the world, nature with fresh air, gorgeous mountains, healing mineral water… it’s hard to describe all the beauty of the place. You need to take this journey, journey to the hospitality and kindness to discover this unique place.

                                                            Modern cities: Tbilisi, Batumi, Borjomi

Quaint villages and towns still dot the countryside while modern cities like Tbilisi, Batumi, and Borjomi are highly captivating and photogenic. Stroll down Prospekt Rustaveli in Tbilisi. It’s the main thoroughfare that features an assortment of stylish public buildings testifying to the city’s prosperity at the turn of the century.

Cute little alleys and streets all over the city have their charm. And in fact, Tbilisi is the Paris of Eurasia. It’s probably not written in any Lonely Planet but this is something you must do. Take your time and go for a little stroll. You will love it. Make sure you take your camera with you for a few snaps!

Tbilisi photo


Probably because Georgia is surrounded by so many different cultures and therefore got all the good qualities from each neighbor. Russia in the north, Turkey in the West, Armenia and Iran in the South and Azerbaijan in the East. It’s a great mix and you can see a lot of those attributes everywhere.

                                                                                   Georgian food

Colorful vegetables, fruits, meat, bread… anything and everything you could wish for.  Georgia is worth visiting even only for its gastronomy. Start day walking around the local markets, seeing the rows of fresh products that you can’t find in your local supermarket and buying home  different kinds of spices, walnuts and sweets.

The cuisine in Georgia with the influence of Europe and Middle East is very unique. One of the most popular national dishes is Khinkali. It can remind you Chinese dumplings. This mouth watering dish is really something you can’t get around here. It’s usually filled with  meat such as pork, beef or sometimes lamb and its incredible delicious.

georgian food

Georgian food

Dishes to try in Georgia: khachapuri (warm, gooey cheese-stuffed bread, in Adzirian variation topped with eggs), suluguni (national cheese), tkemali sauce, matsoni (very tasteful and healthy milk product), churchkhela (local sweets – concentrated grape juice with wallnuts), lobio (made from beans) etc.

                                                                       The Caucasus Mountains

Georgia lies in the middle of Caucasus region and has unspoiled natural beauty. Shaped by rugged mountains, rivers, valleys, meadows, it is a perfect spot for hiking and trekking. And one of the best places to do it is the Caucasus Mountains.

Kutaisi georgia photo

Spring in Kutaisi

The Caucasus Mountains can be easily reached from Tbilisi and are usually just a few hours’ drive away.


Within seconds and the people will treat you like a part of their family. There is one of the reasons why I love Georgia  is the people. There are welcoming, friendly, with a good sense of debate  and take hospitality to the core.

people georgia photo

People in Georgia

If you are lucky to visit a local house, you will see that people will treat you like a king, putting all the food on the table and doing everything to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. This is what is called hospitality in Georgia.


The country itself is very religious and there is a huge respect for the church but it doesn’t affect the everyday life of the people. There is a new generation taking it over, building an independent modern country based on rich traditions to discovery.

There is one church that caught my attention, the Gergeti Trinity Church. It’s a very famous landmark in Georgia which is located next to Mount Kazbegi at 2170 meters above sea level. It couldn’t have thought of a better location for a church.

 Georgia monastery

Gergeti Trinity church

It is very difficult to reach the church though, either you have to go for a very steep hike, which will take you about three hours or you can get a jeep and drive along the mountain trail, what is probably the better option if you are not into hiking that much…

                                                                                Georgian wine

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world.   UNESCO added the ancient traditional Georgian winemaking method using the Kvevri clay jars to the UNESCO  Heritage Lists.  The best-known wine regions of Georgia to visit are Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, and Abkhazia. And traditionally the most famous wine comes from Kakheti.

georgian wine

Grapes for future wine

Georgian wines are usually a blend of two or more grapes. The semi-sweet varieties are the most popular. If you’d like to join a Georgian party, don’t forget, that drinking wine is not only an ancient tradition but also a social skill with the traditional toasts.

                                                                                The Black Sea

Batumi and the Black Sea Coast have its charm. I guess it’s the combination of the mountains and the sea that are just so close to each other. You can go skiing and two hours later you can lay on the beach.

Georgia Batumi photo


Batumi itself has a subtropical climate and the weather is really nice, even in the winter. The city has a few architectural highlights. It reminds me a new Cote D’Azur of Europe. A lot of young people come here to spend some nice times at the sea. The most come to relax or just to socialize. There are also a lot of good parties at the beach, don’t miss out on them…

If I have not persuade you yet to visit Georgia, watch this video

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