Discover Riviera Maya: Uknown Playa Del Carmen

Riviera Maya with its beautiful charming towns can be increadible interesting. Surely you can spend here your vacations staying in luxury 5 star hotels enjoying all inclusive concept. Alternatively, you can dive into its best experiences. Explore cenotes. Visit mayan ruins. Experience the best in North America adventure parks. Connect with locals. Try delicious Mexican cuisine – and get to feel the real, unparalleled atmosphere of Riviera Maya.

I invite you to explore the most rewarding and exciting experiences of Riviera Maya. Today we will go to Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is a home to 190, 000 people.  Just imagine: 190 000 different characters, personalities, nationalities and thousands of unique stories – all unbelievably interlaced in this small town.

Senkoe, street art

The mural of Senkoe

I have been to Playa del Carmen many times and saw it from various angles.  But  I found out that there is only one way to experience the real city – dive into it completely and unconditionally, wandering around narrow streets with murals and graffiti.

Originally a small fishing town Playa del Carmen was created in 1937. After almost 80 years the city has got its unique atmosphere. Rather subtle, but deep enough to feel it without any travel guides. Are you ready to explore the city?

Playa del Carmen

The streets of Playa del Carmen

We will start from the famous 5th Avenue that stretches from Calle 1 Norte to Calle 40. It is the main street and the home to the hundreds of shops, bars and restaurants. Here you can find handmade jewelry, accessories, paintings. And if you are not after the crafts and souvenirs – stroll around the local cafes and restaurants to try delicious dishes from the cuisines from all over the World.  And then grab a bicycle and follow me. We will explore the must-see sights of Mexico – street art.

bike in Playa del Carmen

Riding a bike on the streets of Playa del Carmen

Skipping the pedestrian walkway we will ride to east, suddenly discovering cafes, restaurants, boutique hotels and joyful smiles everywhere. Don’t be surprised. It’s Playa del Carmen. The intercultural city. The crossroad.

The central part of the city is swamped with the  murals. One of the first mural you will see it is made by Senkoe.

Eddie Cola, stret art, Playa del Carmen

The mural of Eddie Colla and David Young

Enjoying the sight of huge liners passing by we will go more in the city and see the mural of Eddie Colla and David Young,  San Francisco based artists. Street art is the country’s best kept secret.

Sense Oc, Playa del Carmen, street art

Biking around Playa del Carmen. The mural of Sense

Wandering around Playa del Carmen … You can get lost in the narrow streets – and you can get a more rewarding experience  –  passing through the streets  you can find yourself in a stunning neighborhood.  Go up the street and you will discover a fairy-tale city.

street art, Mexico

The mural of an argentinian artist Martin Ferreyra for Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans as a part of  Dreamers Art Fest

And then you can keep discovering city’s other face…

Sleepwalck, Dan Moreno

A fairy-tale in Playa del Carmen. The mural of Sleepwalck and Dan Moreno

Playa del Carmen is a small city that you can rarely find on the tourist map. But besides stunning beaches, picturesque houses and extremely welcoming people it has much more to offer. So if you are looking for your next destination – Playa del Carmen is a perfect choice.



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